Your walking shoes

Posted Date : 27 Dec 2012


Knee –high boots look much better in combination with knee-length skirt.

Biker’s boots can be worn with jeans tucked into them, with a dress or your boyfriend’s cardigan. Ankle boots would make your legs look longer if you wear it with black opaque tights. It is a great solution for imperfect legs. Feel free to wear your rain boots with a short dress (like Kate Moss did in 2005 on a music festival). For your Spring-Summer every day looks espadrilles would be a perfect solution. Since Yves Saint Laurent designed high heeled pair of espadrilles it became a must have item. Converse shoes are model’s favorite (after finishing the catwalk). They are very practical. It used to be out of fashion until Elvis Presley had worn it to his own concert. Try wearing converse with skirts, jeans or white shirts.

Stiletto shoes are the ones that will make your feet look elegant. You can never have too many.

Always remember Carolina Herrera’s words: “A full-length mirror is the most important accessory a woman can own”.