Wandering Wardrobe: A Chic Guide to Packing:

Posted Date : 26 2014


In today’s global world, traveling is a constant. We understand that is it not just about what you pack, but how you pack that will set the tone for your fabulous holiday or trip. Look no further, as Fashion Concierge will provide you with everything you need to have and know for your next adventure.

When packing, one must begin with the perfect suitcase. Louis Vuitton’s generously sized Eole 50 & Keepall Bandouliere 55 are ideal for any travel journey long or short. While Brics recent Missoni collaboration is not only envy worthy but very practical and durable for any holiday. The weekenders’ bags give an alternative to a suitcase and can be used as a carry-on bag. Luxury designer Karen K’s hand-made, oversized 24Hour Bag & 48Hour Bag as well as Proenza Schouler PSI Large leather Travel bag will store all your essentials for your flight and holiday.

As vital as suitcases are to keep your wardrobe safe and in excellent condition, traveling accessories are just as imperative. Mykonos Organizer Handbag is easy to insert in any type of carry-on bag and will ensure that you can find your go-to items with no stress and arriving with style. Louis Vuitton’s Jewellery Case is fantastic for storing statement pieces to your more luxurious items. For shoes and lingerie, Zazendi bags are machine washable and stretch. As for your fabulous hats, Cambardi Croc Leather Hat Box has a secure seal for closure and will keep its shape ready for any adventure.

Additionally, it is crucial to have toiletries that will not leak and can be easily replenished; Alexander Wang’s Chasity Embossed Make-up Pouch is wonderful for storing all your MUJI products, from Clear Pump Travel bottles to Cream Pots. Furthermore, keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free in your suitcase once you arrive by using acid-free tissue paper. Other great products such as, Shout wipes, Downy Wrinkle, & MUJI Travel Sticky Lint Roller is a brilliant way to add an extra touch of insurance that your clothing will be in mint condition. Fashion Concierge can help you source all these items and more for all your travel needs.

Once you have arrived, a constant worry can be about purchasing extra garments or items and how they will fit into your luggage. Fashion Concierge can present the ultimate solution with its recent collaboration with Vault Couture. Vault Couture clients have access to their own personal vault, where the clothing is placed in acid-free tissue paper, humidity controlled and air purified facility. From there, every item is photographed and given a specialized number which you can view 24/7 in their iPAD application. Here, you can not only have items delivered by private jet and shipped to your home, you can also have them alter any piece of clothing.

Although, traveling can be stressful, knowing the right traveling products to purchase and how to make sure your items stay in impeccable condition ensures your packing is not a concern. From methods to products, Fashion Concierge can help you source all your product needs and supply you with unlimited recommendations to ensure your journey & wardrobe is always pristine.